Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our very own BUTTERCUP!


We LOVE when our clients LOVE us! Ellen & Tom are set to marry in a few short weeks - November 1st. Both Heather and Ellen have bonded so tight that Ellen has dubbed her, "Buttercup!" SO AWESOME!

SO..."Here's to you Buttercup!" Keep up the great relationships!

We can't wait to get you and Tom married, Ellen. Thanks for instilling such trust in us!

the WATC Girls!


the LOOK, on location hair and makeup said...

OMG!! haha. Kristin, you are a MESS!! Note to self: Don't give Kristin verbal AMMO!
I DO ADORE Ellen and I'm SO thankful to get to work with her!
3 more weeks!!!
...Heather (aka Buttercup)

SJB Weddings & Events said...

Buttercup and Cortenay you've been tagged. :) See this post!