Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Main Regret

The one thing our couples regret the MOST after their wedding is if they choose to not have a videographer.

Many people carry a stereotype of a cheesy 'wedding videographer' in their minds.......but we'll guarantee you this; the videos have come SUCH a long way. They are actually referred to in many instances, as cinematography.

There is no other way to truly capture that same raw emotion that you experience on your wedding day. Of course, we love photography; but firmly believe that a video captures things that a photo cannot. Plus, how special would it be on your 60th wedding anniversary, to flash back in time to hear your weddings vows spoken for the first time actually relive your day....see people that have passed on.....
see the youth of your family and friends that may not be anymore.

Two of our favorite wedding cinematographers are DREAMLIGHT FILMS and SFS PRODUCTIONS. Check out their sites and examples. They truly bring a tear to our eyes even if they aren't clients of ours!

We strongly encourage you to find the extra budget to incorporate a wedding cinematographer. We PROMISE it will be money well spent.
Happy Planning!

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